Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members,

Welcome to our inaugural year as Timber Springs Wolverines.  It is with much excitement and anticipation that I send this letter of welcome. The positive energy and excitement from students, parents, faculty and staff has been absolutely amazing. This energy will carry forward to the opening of our wonderful new Timber Springs Middle school (TSMS). 

As stated in our school slogan, an attitude of, “Where We Go the Extra Mile”, will be the cornerstone of our mission at TSMS.  With all stakeholders in alignment with this philosophy, TSMS will be successful as we collectively begin to create our school climate and culture with a focus on developing positive interpersonal connections with all students and parents.  My teachers and staff will build interdependent relationships with students and parents based on a framework of mutual trust and confidence.  Similarly, the F.I.S.H. philosophy, intertwined with developing strong GRIT skills in students, based on the power of passion and perseverance, will be a powerful vehicle to move us forward on a path toward exceptional student achievement and strong connections to Timber Springs Middle School (TSMS) student Wolverines.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for being members of our school community in this inaugural year for Timber Springs Middle School.  Your spirit, enthusiasm and excitement are at the heart of our “Wolverine Pride”. 

Best Regards,

Ric Cantrell

Eric “Ric” Cantrell, Ed.D.