Timber Springs Middle School Track and Field Team 2020-2021

OCPS has approved for middle schools to begin intramural sports beginning in January 2021. There will not be tryouts to participate; it is open to any Timber Springs student. Intramural sports are a chance for students to be instructed in the skills as well as the strategies of the game by our coaches and to participate in games as well. All games will be played here at Timber Springs, with teams made up of Timber Springs students only. We will not be traveling or playing other schools. This is a great opportunity for students to learn the skills needed to be ready to try out for our teams next year.

To be Eligible for All Intramural Sports:

1. All students must have a completed 2020-2021 OCPS Sports packet, which includes the Covid-19 waiver. The OCPS Sports packet can be printed from our TSMS web site or picked up in the office. Students only need one physical if they are participating in multiple intramural sports. Please make sure all sections are completed prior to turning in the packet to the school. Completed physical forms can be dropped off at the main office during normal business hours.

2. All parents/guardians must attend the in person or virtual family orientation meeting on Thursday, January 7 at 6:30PM. We will offer physicals that night for $25 (cash only).

3. Students must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA (C average) or above, to be eligible to participate in the Intramural program. Students may also not be failing any classes on the most recent report card and/or be a behavior issue.

4. All students that are face-to-face or LaunchEd must register for the FREE After School Zone YMCA program. This helps with afterschool supervision from dismissal to the start of intramurals. The YMCA program provides an after school snack and the opportunity to start homework or receive tutoring. The YMCA registration information is also found on our school website and is completed all online.

5. All students in [email protected] instruction need to arrive between 4:00 and 4:15 (3:00 - 3:15 on Wednesdays) and report to cafeteria doors (via the car line) for daily temperature checks prior to attending intramurals.

6. Students actively participating in practices and competitions are not required to wear face coverings; however, they are always voluntary for any athlete. Students on the sidelines need to socially distance and must wear approved face coverings at all times.

Each sport has both girls and boys teams matched by grade/skill level.

Sport dates and paperwork deadlines; sports will be 5 weeks long and will not overlap each other by more than 1 week.

Track and Field (April 12 – May 14) – Paperwork due by April 8

For more information about our athletic programs at TSMS, please call

Carolyn Deeb (Athletic Director) at 321-413-2201,
Ext. 538-4312 [email protected]

Boy's Head Coach- Paige Stafford
Assistant Coach - 

Girl's Head Coach- Ryan Morgan
Assistant Coach - Dan Lockshin